Top 5 New and Exciting Custom Glass Trends That Could Transform Your Home’s Décor

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The next time you’re at home, take a look around. Does your décor seem outdated or uninspiring?

As homeowners, we have to ask ourselves this question periodically. Our home is our sanctuary, and for many us, where we entertain friends and family members. It should feel like it’s a reflection of who we are, a place for us to feel comfortable and confident inviting people over for a dinner party without an internal, nagging insecurity about how the kitchen or other parts of the house look.

If you’re nodding in silent agreement, it may be time to upgrade parts of your home and infuse its décor with eye-catching, new custom glass trends. We’ve created a list of the top five interior decoration touches that could transform your home’s look, just in time for the holiday season. See what we picked out and get inspired.  

1. Custom-Cut Glass Table Tops

A glass table top is a versatile interior decorating solution for your kitchen or dining room. Unlike an opaque wooden table, for example, a transparent, custom-cut glass table top will take on characteristics of the table decorations and dinnerware you use. You can effectively dress up or dress down the table according to the kind of event you’re hosting.

Custom-cut glass table tops also highlight the base of the table. If you’re interested in featuring an artistic or antique table base, this application is a unique way to do it.

2. Standalone Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are a great way to fill in alcoves or replace cabinets. Some homeowners choose to get the shelves cut and then mount them directly on the living room, hallway, or bathroom walls.

Standalone glass shelves simultaneously give an airy, open feel and a highly functional place to store things. To draw attention to what’s stored this space, such as towels in a bathroom, you can even add small, overhead lights.

3. Solid Glass Kitchen Backsplashes

Solid glass kitchen backsplashes are the latest trend in kitchen remodels. Homeowners can ask a local glass installation expert to custom-cut a sheet of glass so that it fits the wall behind the cooking area.

In addition to matching the fit of the space, you also need to match the glass color with your kitchen’s color scheme. Choose your colorful carefully as you also will want it to be something you enjoy seeing for years to come. If you do pick a color that matches your kitchen, get your custom-cut glass back painted to give it a deep, pronounced hue.

4. Glass-Paneled Porches

Screened-in porches are a thing of the 1990s. Nowadays, people are replacing their old screens with large glass panels.

Not only are glass panels more energy-efficient but they are also more functional. They emit a huge amount of light, giving your home a great space for working, reading, and playing. They don’t require constant upkeep, just semi-regular cleaning.

Depending on how much you love window treatments, glass-paneled porches might be your inner interior decorator’s fantasy come true. You get a big opportunity to create a brand-new window design theme for your porch.

5. Decorative Glass Tiles

Decorative glass tiles range in shape, color, and patterns. They’ve become increasingly popular to pair glass tiles with stones like marble. This trend has two effects. First, it creates a visually impactful contrast between the rich stone color and the reflective glass. Second, it gives the room an authentic, earthy look.


We hope this list has allowed you to see the many uses of custom glass in your home. At Glasshopper Schor Glass, we provide custom-cut glass for residential kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, entryways, and porches. Contact us today and learn how we can beautify your home with custom-cut glass.


We do not sell the stand alone bracket for shelves, but we cut shelves to any size.

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