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You walk in the house after a long day at work, put down your jacket, and notice your children waiting with a baseball and glove in their hands. You can’t help but smile as they lead you outside.

It’s fun to play with the kids. But it doesn’t take long for your son to heave a ball in precisely the wrong direction. You know what will happen, but you still cringe at the tell-tale crack of a broken window.

While your son worries he might get grounded, you calculate how much a new window will cost and how that’s going to fit in the monthly budget. Replacing an entire window may seem costly, but you’ll save costs in Aurora, IL with window glass replacement installation from Glasshopper.

Replacement, Not Renovation

Full window units can cost hundreds of dollars. Glasshopper Schor Glass offers a better solution: glass replacement.

When you simply replace the glass panes inside your window frame, you get a well-crafted and economical window. Avoid the extravagant costs of unnecessary renovations with our streamlined repairs.

In addition to our residential window glass replacement in Aurora, IL and the surrounding areas, we offer commercial and industrial glass. Whatever you need for your home or business, we have the product you’ve been looking for.

Quality Products, Quick Turnaround

We know you’re busy and don’t have time for drawn-out repairs. That’s why Glasshopper Schor Glass trains each installation expert to work efficiently without compromising the quality of your glass.

We are so confident in our service that we provide a one-year workmanship warranty.

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Call 630-701-6619 to speak with a glass installation expert. Or feel free to visit our storefront in Aurora or send us a message on our contact page.

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