Protect Your Business with Bullet-Resistant Glass in Aurora, IL

Every day, your Chicagoland business faces challenges. A competitor may attract your best customers. Perhaps you face budgetary restrictions or a marketing problem. However, when you feel safe in your surroundings, it’s easier to overcome such challenges.

Our world can be a dangerous place. That’s why it’s important to protect your building and customers. At Glasshopper Schor Glass, we offer bullet-resistant glass installation to Aurora, IL businesses and storefronts in the greater Chicago area.

Learn How Security Glass Works

If you’re concerned about criminal activity, you want the best protection you can get. Security glass can withstand threats from gunshots to sonic booms because of the latest advances in glass design. Here’s how.

Consider a typical business in Aurora, IL. Bullet-resistant glass protects the doors and windows. It looks the same as any other glass treatment, but uses a special lamination technique that toughens and thickens the glass. The result, polycarbonate, is similar to glass, but much more secure.

If a bullet strikes bullet-resistant glass, it can pierce the outer layer. After that, the polycarbonate layer absorbs excess energy from the bullet, stopping it before it reaches the final layer. Glass thickness also plays a part. Protect yourself from threats by choosing a customized glass treatment from Glasshopper.

Call Us for Trusted Brands and Experienced Installation

No matter your security challenge, our glaziers have a solution. Let us assess your building’s needs and recommend a product. We work with the best glass suppliers in the area to protect your building from impact. Ask us about our supplier and workmanship warranties.

Because our employees average over 15 years of experience in glass installation, you can feel confident that your building will outlast any security challenge.

Call us today at 630-701-6619 to schedule an installation.

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