Got Hard Water Deposits? Here’s How to Make Your Shower Sparkle

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You see it every day: the murky, whitish, buildup on your previously beautiful glass shower door and walls. When you should be standing Zen-like under the steady flow of warm water and relaxing in your morning routine, you’re instead stuck staring at the ugly reminder of showers past.

So what can you do about the mineral buildup on your cloudy shower glass? The most important thing to know is it’s possible you can’t fix it entirely. Hard water buildup, if allowed to accumulate, can permanently damage your glass door or walls. The mineral scratches the glass and you won’t be able to make a total return to normal.

If you want to give your shower a gleaming new exterior, you’ll have to replace the glass. And if you’re ready to replace your shower glass doors and walls, you’ll certainly want to keep this buildup from happening again. Below, we’ve provided a few tips to keep your glass shower door spick and span.

Look to the Automotive Section

There are multiple products in your store’s local auto section that can do wonders for your shower glass. Products designed to repel water off glass will help keep hard water deposits from building up and make cleaning easier for you.

Remember, these products are not originally designed for bathroom use, so carefully avoid tile and metal fixtures when you spray the solutions onto the glass. If you’d rather stick to made-for-the-bathroom products, there are still several easy ways to keep your glass gleaming.

Squeegee After Every Use

Squeegees aren’t just for windshields. Wiping the water off your glass shower doors and walls after every shower will prevent hard water deposits from ever forming. Even if you use water-repelling products, as discussed in the previous section, squeegees still help keep your glass sparkling.

Best of all, squeegees are inexpensive. You can pick up a simple squeegee in your supermarket’s cleaning section for just a few dollars. Remember, they all essentially work the same, so choose your squeegee based on how comfortable it is to use or on how much you want to spend.

Wipe Glass With a Microfiber Cloth

If you don’t want to bother with a squeegee, you can get the same effect with a simple microfiber cloth. Similar to the squeegee principle, the cloth removes water from your glass and prevents it from forming into harmful hard water deposits.

Simply wipe down the glass after your shower and hang the cloth to dry. If the cloth gets too wet while you’re wiping down the shower, wring it out and keep going. You don’t need to dry the shower completely-just wipe away the individual water droplets. Some dampness won’t hurt.

Spritz Some Shower Cleaner

If you want to avoid manual labor entirely, invest in a spray-on shower cleaner. Found in the cleaning section of your local store, spray-on shower cleaners do the same thing as a squeegee or a cloth, but with less work for you. The spray causes the water droplets to collect and slide off on their own, eliminating the risk of buildup.

Keep in mind that shower cleaners can be expensive and you have to thoroughly spritz your glass shower doors and walls. To save some cash, you can make your own spray cleaner a few household items.

Spray cleaners of all kinds also have the added benefit of protecting your metal and tile along with your shower glass.

Seeing Minor Buildup?

If you replace your shower door or walls and forget to put these practices into place right away, don’t worry. Minor hard water deposits can still be scrubbed away. Use a small amount of an abrasive cleaner approved for glass (or a little bit of baking soda and water) and scrub down the glass door and walls. Your shower will look sparkly in no time.


With just a little work, you can keep your shower doors and walls gleaming for years to come. If your shower already has severe hard water buildup, replace the glass door and walls with quality new fixtures, then use these tips to keep them clean.

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