Choosing New Windows? 6 Reasons to Opt for Tempered Glass

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With the construction and aesthetic elements in your home, not all materials are created equal. This idea holds just as true for the glass in your windows, doors, and décor as it does for your flooring, insulation, and other building materials.

When replacing or upgrading windows, many homeowners just know that they want high-quality windows, not necessarily what those windows should consist of. One of the common choices for optimized windows is tempered glass panes.

In this blog, we explain what tempered glass is and discuss six advantages that tempered glass has over some other glass treatments.

What Is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass, also known as toughened or safety glass, consists of strengthened glass panes. During the manufacturing process, these panes are ultra-compressed to change the shape of the molecules and the distance between them. The compression also shifts any surface flaws, usually closing them completely.

Additionally, most tempered glass undergoes a heat or chemical treatment to make the glass solid and strong.

Because the resulting panes resist most grinding, cutting, and impact, manufacturers must shape and cut each pane before the tempering process. This step produces panes that are more durable individually than they would be if cut from a larger glass sheet after a surface treatment.

What Advantages Does Tempered Glass Offer?

Tempered glass has become an increasingly common choice in both homes and businesses. This glass treatment offers the following advantages over other common options.

1. Decreased Risk of Glass-Related Injuries

When traditional glass breaks, it shatters, creating numerous sharp edges and a high risk of injury. Tempered glass, on the other hand, breaks into rounded pieces known as “pebbles.” These pebbles are less likely to cause cuts during the incident or during cleanup.

2. Easier Cleanup in the Case of Breakage

When standard glass breaks, it can create jagged pieces in myriad sizes and shapes. Tempered glass, however, breaks into pebbles that all stay roughly the same size. This consistency makes it easier to see, find, and pick up debris from tempered panes.

3. Increased Property Security

While no glass is unbreakable, some glass types resist impact more effectively. Tempered glass generally has five times the strength of standard glass. This added strength increases your home’s protection from intruders and would-be thieves. Additionally, making your windows more difficult to break can scare off most criminals and give law enforcement more time to arrive during an emergency situation.

4. Less Window-Related Property Liability

Because tempered glass has less risk of injury, it also reduces the risk of liability issues. This characteristic makes tempered glass a smart choice for homes where you entertain frequently or rent to a tenant. Additionally, tempered glass is a smart investment for savvy business owners.

5. Reduced Risk of Routinely Broken Windows

Broken windows don’t just occur due to petty crime. Many windows break in high wind, heavy precipitation, and other extreme weather conditions and due to accidental impact. Tempered glass’ strength reduces how often these breakages occur, making it great for homes in tornado-prone areas and households with young children.

6. Resistance to Heat Transfer

The process used to cure tempered glass also makes it more resistant to heat. In your home or business, this heat resistance can reduce heating and cooling costs. This characteristic reduces the amount of heat transfer from inside or outside your home to make your HVAC system more efficient.

Choose tempered glass windows when a window breaks or when you renovate your home to take advantage of the qualities listed above.
Ready for your new windows? Contact the team at Glasshopper Schor Glass to evaluate if tempered glass is right for your home and begin the installation process.

Normally most windows in a home do not have tempered glass, other than to meet safety codes. If the customer feels the need for it, we would try to meet their request. We normally do not do whole house of replacement windows (new frames & glass). If the customer needed one we would try to accommodate them. We also work with a company that can replace pieces of a wood that is rotten, so the complete frame does not need to be replaced.

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