5 Window Problems in the Winter and How to Prevent Them

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cottageWhen you live in a four-season climate, like the Midwest, you know that it’s vitally important to prepare for winter weather in advance. You’ve likely invested in a durable coat, practiced driving in slick conditions and stocked up on your favorite hot beverage to help you prepare for winter’s chilly mornings.
Your winter preparation should include home maintenance steps that reduce the risks of damage from freezes, precipitation and low temperatures. In addition to winterizing your air conditioning unit and gutters, you may also need to think about a less obvious, but vulnerable area, your windows.
In this blog, we list five threats to your windows that are created when temperatures plummet and snow starts to fall, and how you can prevent these common issues.

Choosing New Windows? 6 Reasons to Opt for Tempered Glass

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With the construction and aesthetic elements in your home, not all materials are created equal. This idea holds just as true for the glass in your windows, doors, and décor as it does for your flooring, insulation, and other building materials.

When replacing or upgrading windows, many homeowners just know that they want high-quality windows, not necessarily what those windows should consist of. One of the common choices for optimized windows is tempered glass panes.

In this blog, we explain what tempered glass is and discuss six advantages that tempered glass has over some other glass treatments.

Why and Where You Should Use Tempered Glass in Your Home

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If you need to replace the glass in your home, you may have a few options for what type of glass you can use. For instance, some common glass options include standard, tempered, and laminated glass. While you may be familiar with standard or laminated glass, you may not have the same knowledge about tempered glass.

To help you make the best decision for your home, here is some basic information about why and where you should use tempered glass in your home.

5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home With Glass

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Whether you just moved into a new home, you’re preparing to sell your home, or you’re simply tired of your home’s old look, upgrading the property is a great idea. And there’s no better way to make your home sparkle and shine than by incorporating new glass.

Here are a few simple ways to add style and class with glass.

1. Windows

If your windows are chipped, cracked, or foggy, replacing them is in your best interest. But even if your windows are in good condition, consider replacing your aged glass. Specialized glass resists breaking and can even lower your utility bills.

A Savvy Homeowner’s Guide to Insulated Glass Windows

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When it’s time to replace residential windows, whether a single window broke during roughhousing or it’s time to upgrade all the windows in your home, you have lots of options. For many homeowners, the number of frame, style, and glass types can seem overwhelming.

In this blog, we’ll discuss one of the best window options: insulated glass windows. We’ll cover how these windows work and how you may benefit from installing insulated glass windows in your home.

4 Reasons to Install Skylights in Your Home

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As a homeowner, you naturally want to improve your property as much as you can. The right home improvements can boost resale value and maximize comfort levels for you and your family.

Recently, you may have heard (or seen) some debates about whether skylights are a good investment. Some financial gurus claim that skylights will significantly increase your home’s resale value. Others, however, assert that skylights create maintenance problems that cost a great deal to fix.

While the true cost varies as much as opinions, skylights affect more than your home’s resale value. When installed correctly, skylights offer all of the following benefits, which could outweigh the installation and maintenance costs for you and your family.

Top 5 New and Exciting Custom Glass Trends That Could Transform Your Home’s Décor

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The next time you’re at home, take a look around. Does your décor seem outdated or uninspiring?

As homeowners, we have to ask ourselves this question periodically. Our home is our sanctuary, and for many us, where we entertain friends and family members. It should feel like it’s a reflection of who we are, a place for us to feel comfortable and confident inviting people over for a dinner party without an internal, nagging insecurity about how the kitchen or other parts of the house look.

If you’re nodding in silent agreement, it may be time to upgrade parts of your home and infuse its décor with eye-catching, new custom glass trends. We’ve created a list of the top five interior decoration touches that could transform your home’s look, just in time for the holiday season. See what we picked out and get inspired.  

Got Hard Water Deposits? Here’s How to Make Your Shower Sparkle

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You see it every day: the murky, whitish, buildup on your previously beautiful glass shower door and walls. When you should be standing Zen-like under the steady flow of warm water and relaxing in your morning routine, you’re instead stuck staring at the ugly reminder of showers past.

So what can you do about the mineral buildup on your cloudy shower glass? The most important thing to know is it’s possible you can’t fix it entirely. Hard water buildup, if allowed to accumulate, can permanently damage your glass door or walls. The mineral scratches the glass and you won’t be able to make a total return to normal.

If you want to give your shower a gleaming new exterior, you’ll have to replace the glass. And if you’re ready to replace your shower glass doors and walls, you’ll certainly want to keep this buildup from happening again. Below, we’ve provided a few tips to keep your glass shower door spick and span.

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