Got Hard Water Deposits? Here’s How to Make Your Shower Sparkle

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You see it every day: the murky, whitish, buildup on your previously beautiful glass shower door and walls. When you should be standing Zen-like under the steady flow of warm water and relaxing in your morning routine, you’re instead stuck staring at the ugly reminder of showers past.

So what can you do about the mineral buildup on your cloudy shower glass? The most important thing to know is it’s possible you can’t fix it entirely. Hard water buildup, if allowed to accumulate, can permanently damage your glass door or walls. The mineral scratches the glass and you won’t be able to make a total return to normal.

If you want to give your shower a gleaming new exterior, you’ll have to replace the glass. And if you’re ready to replace your shower glass doors and walls, you’ll certainly want to keep this buildup from happening again. Below, we’ve provided a few tips to keep your glass shower door spick and span.

10 Ways Glass Can Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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Many homes have small, cramped bathrooms. If you want to make a powder room seem more inviting, you might be looking for illusions to make it seem bigger.

In this blog, we list 10 uses of glass that can make your bathroom appear larger than it is. While some glass projects cost significant time and a full renovation budget, others of those listed below only require you to change your d├ęcor slightly-but with a large payoff at the end.

We’ve divided each of these ideas into accessorization, small renovations, and major renovations to make it simple for you to find solutions that are right for your bathroom.

8 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

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You may not think about your windows until you notice a smudge or a crack. However, as your windows age, they can become less efficient about controlling the way heat, moisture, and noise interact with your home’s interior.

At a certain point, it’s a better investment to replace your windows than to repair or revamp them. In this blog, we list eight signs that can help you identify if your windows have reached that point.

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